Drone Repair Service Center

At AirRobotics,  we provide drone repairs and technical support to our customers. Our company has an extended background in tech repair and handle most repairs in-house saving you time and money.


Simple & Fast Repair Process!

Step 1: Drop Off

You can ship your item or drop it off at our office during regular business hours. Please pack with care if you are shipping your device, we are not responsible for items damaged in transit. Please give us a call for shipping information.

Step 2: Repair Request

Describe the product’s issue and provide your information. A service case will be generated automatically for you. One of our Technicians will contact you and advise on how to proceed when the diagnostic is complete.

Step 3: Diagnostic

Our Repair Center will assess your item and send you a diagnostic report and repair quote. It typically takes 24-48 hours for this to occur. Our technicians are available to answer questions about the diagnostic and necessary repairs. The repair process will begin after you have approved the quote.

Step 4: Repair & Return

Your item will be fully repaired and tested for quality assurance. Our technicians will update you when your item is ready. Your invoice must be fully paid in order for your item to be shipped or picked up. Tracking information will be provided if applicable.

Contact Our Specialists