Sentera Broad Acre Package

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Full-scale production calls for go-anywhere capabilities. We’ve combined our best-in-class Double 4K sensors and the Sentera PHX fixed-wing drone to help make even the biggest decisions at the greatest scale more manageable. With a cruising speed of 35 mph and nearly one hour of flight time, the PHX can cover more ground—up to 700 acres—than other drones of the same size. Producing comprehensive, data-driven action plans just got easier.

If this package isn’t quite right, configure your own Double 4K System.

If you’d like to purchase a sensor only, contact us.



Scout More Acres, Capture Better Data

Get the proven solutions you need to run your business smoothly with the ability to view live HD video and capture a wide array of analytic data including stand counts, plant health and tassel counts. Sentera’s industry-leading agricultural drones and sensors deliver the highest quality data without the headache.

Driving Results With The Broad Acre Package

Stand Counts
Tassel Counts
All-Season Crop Health
Weed Identification
Elevation Maps
3D Maps

Broad Acre Package

PHX Aircraft
Hard Case
2X Batteries
Field Support Kit
Double 4K Analytics Payload
Battery Charger
Comms Box

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