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The DJI Zenmuse P1 is a high-performance, versatile surveying payload, engineered for DJI’s flagship commercial drone, the M300 RTK.

The camera is integrated with a full-frame 45MP CMOS sensor with 24mm, 35mm, and 50mm lens options, and a 3-axis stabilised gimbal.

When combined with the M300 RTK drone and mapping software package, DJI Terra, the P1 camera provides an efficient and high-accuracy aerial photogrammetry solution.

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Efficiency through Flexible Full-frame Photogrammetry


The Zenmuse P1 integrates a full-frame sensor with interchangeable fixed-focus lenses on a 3-axis stabilized gimbal. Designed for photogrammetry flight missions, it takes efficiency and accuracy to a whole new level.

The P1 and M300 RTK are a photogrammetry powerhouse and the combination of high-accuracy aerial mappers have been waiting for. It is the ideal system for 2D orthomosaics missions, 3D oblique missions, detailed modeling missions, and even real-time mapping missions using DJI Terra software.


Full-frame Camera

  • 45MP Full-frame Sensor
  • 4.4μm Pixel Size
  • Low-noise, high sensitivity imaging extends daily operational time
  • Take a photo every 0.7 s during the flight
  • TimeSync 2.0 aligns the camera, flight controller, RTK module, and gimbal at the microsecond level

Multiple Fixed-focus Lens Option

  • Global Mechanical Shutter
  • Shutter speed 1/2000 seconds
  • Sends the median exposure pulse in microseconds
  • Support 24/35/50 lenses with DJI DL mounts

The P1 includes a full-frame, low-noise high-sensitivity sensor that can take a photo every 0.7 s during the flight, and covering 3 km2 [2] in a single flight.

Equipped with a global mechanical shutter and the all-new TimeSync 2.0 system, which synchronizes time across modules at the microsecond level, the Zenmuse P1 lets users capture centimeter-accurate data combined with the real-time position and orientation compensation technology.

Create 2D, 3D, and detailed models thanks to the integrated 3-axis gimbal that can be outfitted with 24/35/50mm lenses and the Smart Oblique Capture feature.


In addition to the Livox Lidar module the L1 features a RGB Sensor:
  • With Smart Oblique Capture the P1 is capable of covering 7.5km² (3 sq. mi.)
  • Smart Oblique Capture automatically rotates the P1 gimbal to take photographs at different angles, as needed, during the photogrammetry flight
  • Smart Oblique Capture ensures that only essential photos for the reconstruction are captured, as photos are taken along the edges of the flight thus eliminating extraneous photos
  • The result is an increased efficiency of post-processing by 20% to 50%
With Fieldwork Report, a user can verify the quality of the mission immediately post-flight. Verifying the number of images acquired, RTK status and positioning accuracy.
Ensuring that the flight data and imagery is acceptable before leaving the field.

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