GL60 Zoom Spotlights Searchlights for DJI Matrice 300 RTK

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The GL60 ZOOM Spotlight has upgraded its zoom ability from the GL60 fixed focus version. It now has the ability to produce power up to 65W and has a maximum illumination distance of 200 meters in order to provide more options to attain the right aerial lighting for UAV night operations.

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GL60 Zoom spotlights searchlights for DJI M300, develop on DJI SDK Payload, compatible with DJI Matrice 200 V2, DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone, control and operated via DJI Pilot,65W high power, support zoom function.

The DJI Matrice 300 GL60 zoom searchlights’ power is up to 65W, the illumination angle can be smoothly adjusted between 7-25 degrees, and the spotlight and floodlight can be flexibly dispatched. The farthest illumination distance can reach 200 meters, which provides more flexible and convenient aerial lighting for the night operation of the drone Effect, through the DJI SkyPort V2.0 interface, it can be directly mounted on the DJI Jingwei M200 V2, M300 RTK, and other series of drones for use, meeting night inspections, investigation and evidence collection, warning drive away, direction indication, power line inspection, search and rescue, night work demand.

  • Compatible with DJI M200 V2, DJI M300 RTK drone
  • Control and operated via DJI Pilot
  • Easy to install, just like you install a DJI zenmuse camera
  • 65W high power, high lumen Led chip,
  • Flexible brightness control
  • Flexible zoom, automatically follow the optical zoom structure of the Fresnel lens has an illumination angle of 7-25 degrees.
  • Follow the zoom and rotation of the camera, the light beam will follow the direction of the camera.
  • Various modes of target tracking, with strong light flash mode, can focus and flood, can lock and capture moving objects, and continue to illuminate and track.
  • Fully sealed design, waterproof and dustproof, no fan fully sealed design, better waterproof and dustproof performance.
GL60 Z00M Spotlight 
Electrical interface DJI SkyPort V2.0
Weight /g 730
Size /mm L166*W110*H137
Total power/W 65
LED power/W 60
Luminous flux/lm 4000±3%
FOV/° 7~25
Central illumination/Lux 7.2° ,125lx @50m; 28lx@100m
Controllable rotation range of gimbal/° Pitch Angle -110~+30
  Horizontal Angle ±135
Structure design scope of the gimbal/° Pitch Angle -110.3~+40
  Horizontal Angle 360
  Roll Angle -90~60
Working temperature/°C -20~+50

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