Sentera Double 4K Skyport

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Get exceptional crop health insights using plug-and-play, stabilizing gimbal technology. Swap sensor payloads as the growing season progresses for maximum intel.

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Get Live Video and Still Image Download Plus Full Gimbal Control

Engineered to integrate seamlessly onto DJI Matrice 200 Series drones, the fully configurable Sentera AGX710 sensor delivers exceptional crop health insights. Using plug-and-play, stabilizing gimbal technology, the AGX710 lets you easily swap payloads and choose from a variety of sensors to augment your operations as the growing season progresses. Now you can quickly capture crop data, developing high-precision spectral index measurements and run deep learning algorithms for more confident decision-making all year.

On M210 dual-gimbal configurations, combine AGX710 with a ZENMUSE™ XT to add simultaneous thermal-band collection on the same flight. The AGX710 is fully compatible with Sentera FieldAgent™ analysis, reporting and API integrations to offer the best combination of connected and connectionless imaging and analytics capabilities.

Features and Benefits

  • Full-gimbaled range of motion for full vertical data capture
  • Live-stream RGB and NDVI video
  • Option available for simultaneous collection of 12MP NDVI or NDRE and high-resolution RGB data
  • Easily swap-in and swap-out sensors with Sentera Lock-and-Go technology
  • Seamlessly integrates with FieldAgent® web, mobile and desktop platforms
  • Imagery supports analytics stand and emergence, biomass, nutrition, pest, weed, disease and more


Double 4K Skyport System

  • Double 4K Skyport Sensor with Gimbal

Optional Matrice 300 Drone

  • M300 Drone
  • 2X Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Accessories


Double 4K Skyport System Spec Sheet PDF



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