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Assess, plan and report using true-to-life 3D reality twins

Trendspek connects asset owners, operators and engineers, through a simple to use online platform. Form opinions, make decisions and reach outcomes faster by collaborating on a single source of truth.

Take a scroll down and find out more about this technology that is set to transform your inspection workflows.



Trendspek is the drone data solution developed in collaboration with oil and gas supermajors to empower decision-making and ensure absolute asset knowledge

Would you benefit from having access to consistent, usable data?

With Trendspek you can:

✓Plan induction training
✓ Locate and identify defects and hazards
✓ Track defects and build maintenance plans
✓ Grant access to contractors and tenderers to accurately plan their scope of works
✓ Design shutdown plans including logistics and site access mapping
✓ Endless use cases



Complete Digital Twins, with high-res images. Easy to inspect.

System care


Manage users, chat live, share docs in real time with stakeholders.

Hot Swappable


Intuitive markup cards to plan, annotate, measure and record.

Self heating Batteries


Compare datasets to monitor defect lists and track changes over time.

Make better decisions with Trendspek

With everything you need to inspect, manage and report in one place, getting on top of any asset is effortless.

Don’t leave detailed inspections to chance, get the whole picture with true to life digital models.

✓Assess 360० of your asset using high fidelity digital twins
✓Zoom to within millimetres of your asset, to identify even the smallest flaws
✓Use drawing tools to mark, measure and communicate areas of concern
✓Add annotation cards to keep track and report on changes over time
✓Confidently make decisions and recommendations without leaving the office


Easily collaborate with executives, contractors and everyone in between

✓Reduce costly miscommunication errors by creating a central source of all asset information
✓Get more accurate cost estimates by giving tenderers the complete picture
✓Streamline maintenance work through collaborating directly with contractors in Trendspek
✓Build better relationships with clients through providing unparalleled condition transparency
✓Have all asset information accessible at your fingertips and ready to share as needed


Cut through the noise and share clear, accurate reports about any asset

✓Include direct links to the exact model position on the annotation card
✓Easily surface detailed images to support any documented issues
✓Identify and visually share any trends or changes over time
✓Build custom reports to only share the information you need
✓Automatically generate beautiful reports in minutes, ready to print or share digitally


Forget sifting through folders full of problems, Trendspek is the 3D interactive report executives love

✓Customise your reports to only surface the detail you need
✓Jump to the annotation pin on the model straight from the report, for more visual context
✓Include actual images from the capture, for a more transparent condition report
✓Export all annotation cards and markups into excel for further analysis


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